Batch request & release in digital transformation

Electronically batch request, release & execution management play a vital role in manufacturing processes when it comes to role of production & quality of a pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

In order to batch request and issuance in pharmaceutical industries that use of paper copy of MPCR (Master process control record) & SOP (Production checklist) as a BMR (batch manufacturing record) / BPR (batch packing record).

For a large-scale pharmaceutical company, it becomes very tensed situation to handle decade of documents in the form of paperback and it becomes very tough situation to revise all the documents when needed. As it is there essential and daily part of their working cycle of batch request & release.

Basically, the batch request is a way of submitting, align product master copies with production checklist to generate paper back form which contain all the information of the user equipment processing batch and the product.

Whereas today the software can totally meet the requirement and decrease the error due to human intervention and meet the certain condition with time also can be monitored in real time. The system alerts the appropriate personnel about the any error or failure automatically by default a notification reaches to the authority which increases its productivity and efficiency.


Advantages are : 

  • Systems integration supports enterprise-wide information flow
  • Reduce verification process & remove manual process
  • Document print / Hardcopy
  • Integrity and version management of the templates
  • Complete audit trail and track for future reference
  • Highly responsive in real time
  • Light weighted software having high occupancy of data management and storing
  • Without having to spend time on supervising batches, alerts are sent if there are ever any problems, this allows the authority to take a hands-off approach to batch processing

Batch Request & release in digital transformation flow


In pharmaceutical manufacturing, its essential to contend with control, transparency, traceability to achieve compliance and quality to sustain business and uphold patient safety.

Sarjen electronic batch record solutions can integrate with other enterprise systems to enable much better control, transparency, traceability & give intelligent tool to capture and analysis of batch data.

Time to wake up and adopt digital transformation.