How digitalised weighing & dispensing management system optimize pharmaceutical dispensing?

Now a days, in digital transformation era, implementing digitalised weighing & dispensing management system is a new trend, in place of manual paper-based dispensing system, with noticeable features create its own space quickly; to run dispensing effectively with increased productivity.

Smart features of digitalised weighing & dispensing management system attract dispensing process users to implement it plant wide. As weighing & dispensing is the most critical and important process in manufacturing, there is no room for even tiny error. Manufacturer should manufacture every product in alignment with compliance guidelines with accurate process flow & precise material quantity.

Digitalised weighing & dispensing management system provides many key features for dispensing such as aligned with compliance guidelines, easily interface with third party system, control on right scale used, real time validation of weighing results (against BOM quantity, tolerance limit), printing detailed label & electronic report, etc.

Using the digital transformation in weigh and dispense process, the pharmaceutical companies can enhance the workability and accuracy of their operations.

  • Control on right scale used

The very first thing that manufacturer need to achieve accurate and effective weighing practices is having the right tools. Right weighing instrument will minimize unnecessary deviations/documents and ensure that user following pre-defined SOP (standard operating procedure). Digitalised WDMS software facilitate to create master of all scales in line with department and facility to allocate pre-defined scale to one material as per SOP.

  • Aligned with compliance guidelines

Weighing & dispensing process in manufacturing industries plays an essential role. As increased regulations on the manufacturing processes, manufacturing industries led the focus on advanced technology. Digitalised WDMS software is designed in conjunction with US FDA guidelines to make it easily compliance with all GMP rules and facilitate complete audit trail report, electronic record and electronic signature.

  • Easily interface with third party MES & ERP system

Interfacing with ERP / Business system is must while implementing digitalised WDMS in plant to avoid unnecessary hurdles and fetch real time details of BOM, product QC status, material inventory details, area information, etc. Interfacing with MES system is also important to provide necessary dispensing details to production person for record. Digitalised WDMS facilitate easy interface with MES & ERP system and provide bi-directional information path to fetch & record data/information in batch record.

  • Real time validation of weighing results (against BOM quantity, tolerance limit)

Automation is needed in scale, which are used to perform weighing & dispensing process, to fetch accurate & precise weight value. Human made mistake are very common, while recording weight value on paper record, that lead to unnecessary deviation & documentation. And user face hurdle to complete batch within time limit with better quality & efficiency. Digitalised WDMS facilitate real time integration with scale to validate BOM quantity in ERP with measured quantity, also facilitate to set tolerance high/low limit & automatic check while weighing raw material as defined in SOP. If user weigh the material below/above required quantity, system will indicate with different color legend.

Calibration of weighing equipment is necessary as it assures the greater accuracy of the processes. Digitalised WDMS ensure scale calibration and display status alert while using, the calibrated scale helps in improving accuracy & reliability and overcome such deviations without affecting the accuracy of various manufacturing steps and the quality of finished good. Also facilitate weight master for different weight used while calibrating scale.

  • Print detailed label & electronic report

In regulatory environment, every process step should be documented, and every material should be labeled with proper & detailed information to easily identify what material it is. As per regulatory, while performing weighing & dispensing, user need to record every tiny step in batch record manually. While talking about weighing & dispensing, every container/bag/bin must be labeled with necessary information to identify material type, name, status, stage during further manufacturing processes. Digitalised WDMS facilitate easy concept to print necessary label after dispensing process. Provide customize report tool to print report of performed manufacturing processes. Also facilitate, archiving & retrieving of dispensing data for future use such as audit, batch recall, deviation, etc.

To explore more hidden features of electronic WDMS software, make a kind connection with us. We are dedicated to demonstrating the software which can provide all these features in one package. If you would like to know more & discuss how your business can transform digitally with digitalised weighing and dispensing management system, kindly contact us.