What is an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and why you need ELN

An Electronic Lab Notebook is an Electronic version of the traditional lab notebook. An ELN is a software for documenting your research work and where you can record and store experimental information and results. ELN allow you to find your research data in seconds.

It provides functions like your traditional paper notebook, but it does it better than your paper notebook could ever do – because information can be reused for subsequent experiments, searched across all experiments, share selective information, Password protection and backup.

ELN has other features like enabling data management, Machine integration, collaboration, integration with other software like laboratory information management (LIMS), SAP and many more. An electronic lab notebook provides the ability to have your procedures, your raw data and your analyzed results all in one secure place.

Global Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) market will grow at a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period to reach $642.3 million by 2025 from $427.0 million in 2019, Says “Meticulous Research®”.

electronic lab notebook software provides inventory tracking module for streamlined workflow and track material information in your database (i.e. raw bioactivity data points, process data, chemicals, biologicals, drug candidates, antibodies, reagents, plasmids, etc.) This powerful capability accessed through the same interface as your data adds an extra value from lab management. An inventory module allows you to upload and update Material quantities, expiration dates, lab storage locations, item descriptions, and even scanned barcodes and you can allow or restrict access to individuals and selected groups. Inventory tracking allows you to find specific items and materials used in any particular experiment and reference them with ease. Inventory helps for running your actual experiments, reproducibility, documentation, and collaboration.

Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Benefits:

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance with Audit trails, data security and electronic Signature.
  • Electronic Archival of data and results on a secure platform for easy accessibility.
  • search data easily.
  • Integration with complex systems like LIMS, LMS, SAP, ChemAxon etc.
  • All data are organized and accessible from anywhere with Intranet connection.
  • Eliminate Paper waste.
  • Secure software accessibility by hierarchy with technologies like Access Permission,2- factor identification, unique passwords, IP Address restrictions, and data-protocol partitioning.
  • Centralized data management
  • Organized Data and Protocols
  • Accessible from any device whether you are logged in from a computer, Laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

It allows researchers to either keep content private or selectively share with an entire team or with a different department.