How electronic weighing & dispensing management system can benefit to batch manufacturer?

Weighing & Dispensing is the vital process in batch manufacturing industries. All manufacturing processes in batch manufacturing industries depends on quality & quantity of their raw material. Incorrect material proportion leads to a big loss.

With shorter production runs and more frequent changeovers, it’s essential that the right material and right quantity is dispensed for each batch. With constant pressure to cost reduction & timely product delivery, there is no room for errors in raw material issuance such as incorrect material identification, incorrect hand marked drum weights, wrong material dispensed, expired material dispensed, access/short quantity dispensed etc. Unintentionally using an active ingredient that has not been fully tested and approved for use can lead to batch loss.

As quality expectations grow, there is increasing pressure to be able to quickly trace recalled products back to the raw materials and consumables used in their manufacturing to quickly identify the problem and any other batches that may be impacted.

Quick benefits include:

  • Up to 90 % verification of raw materials
  • Up to 93 % reduction in human error
  • Up to 95 % elimination of paper


  • Up to 90 % verification of raw material: with manual or hybrid systems, warehouse staff and operators must manually check the materials against the batch materials sheet and manually print or record the details for traceability. The risk is an error in the raw material selection which results in either unapproved raw materials being used, or the wrong material being used in the manufacturing of the batch.
    Electronic weighing & dispensing management system can interface to the ERP system so that material lot numbers and quality status can be verified against the Bill of Material (BOM) for that order, to ensure right raw materials in the most critical production operations.
  • Up to 93 % reduction in human error: With manual system, operators must fill/record necessary data manually with visually check on weigh scale. There is a chance of human error while recording weight value in batch record, actual result shown on weigh scale and what operator written in batch record.
    Electronic weighing & dispensing management system allow user to weigh right material on right scale with right quantity record automatically in batch record as weigh balance is interfaced with weighing & dispensing management system. Also provide 360° visibility around the processes.
  • Up to 95 % elimination of paper: All the step of every process in batch manufacturing are documented/recorded as evidence/proof is necessary for further use, while operating weighing & dispensing in regulatory environment. With manual system all the process steps are recorded in papers. maintaining all these paper records become increasingly tedious, also it is difficult to manage in disasters; there is always a threat of loss or misplacing some records or even one page.
    Electronic weighing & dispensing management system eliminates all this manual documentation of all processes on shop floor. With electronic weighing & dispensing management system, it becomes easy to store, access, review, get ready for audits, etc. Also, all record storage becomes easy with convenient archival & retrieval of records and have control on entire document process by eliminating paper batch record.

Understanding the time constraints in manufacturing dispensing process, Sarjen has developed electronic weighing and dispensing management system which can provide all these benefits. If you would like us to provide this for your business or discuss how your business can benefit from electronic weighing and dispensing management system, kindly contact us.