Process Digitization in manufacturing industries

“Process Digitization” means to get every information/data from shop floor and storing it in a software and design & visualize it for user best experience to fulfil the task in efficient and effective manner. This called the process of converting information/data into digital platform format. The result is called digital representation.

There are many reasons why companies are diverting from manual platform to digital platform, some are converting because they need to gain speed and agility, others are moving because they want to save cost, others are moving because they want a global reach, etc.


Few challenges using manual or non-digitized processes in manufacturing:

  • May lead extra efforts & invest resources to recognize deviation
  • Data integrity
  • Security theft
  • Spreadsheet chaos while producing Metadata reports
  • Inconsistence Data entry
  • Takes up lot of space to preserve manual Documents.


Benefits of our digitized process solutions: 

An impressive digitized process solution of Sarjen system consist of few benefits which can perform vital role to mitigate non-digitized system’s risk.

  • Improve the efficiency of business processes, consistency and quality.
  • Integrating a digitized records system from dispensing to packaging in manufacturing.
  • Interfacing with other system can reduce interference of manual entries.
  • Improve accessibility and facilitate better information exchange from top to bottom (Shop floor to top floor information portal) operations in manufacturing.
  • Information preservation- document imaging ensures that business essential data is saved and preserved for future reference.
  • Reduce production cost.
  • Improve manufacturing production Planning, scheduling and forecasting.
  • Increase response time.

Refer below flow for broader understanding



Today, Business leaders emphasize step forward on process digitization. Company can see patterns of benefits with respect to cost and efficiency across various verticals in organization. An investment in digital and automation solution promise many advantages and an eminent return on investment (ROI) when going paper less.

Investing towards our manufacturing solution converts your business into digitize platform with third-party enterprise wide seamless integration/interface to shift automation & digitization thereby reducing the overall human resources cost and improve compliance.