Equipment Management

When did you validate your equipment’s last time and what is the next date?


Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to ensure that their manufacturing equipment’s are properly designed, tested, calibrated, and maintained throughout their service lifetime.

Effective equipment management in also one of the vital area according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) defined by FDA, where the Pharma company need to focus and ensure that their all the equipment’s are properly calibrated and maintained.

Process XE equipment management module include a master list of equipment’s for calibration and preventive maintenance. This module allows you to electronically record equipment information along with detailed calibration and preventive maintenance instruction.

Process XE equipment management module empowers you to satisfy international quality standards for process control (preventive maintenance) and control of inspection and test equipment (calibration).

This equipment management module supports the management of all types of equipment including:

Test Devices
Inspection Devices
Laboratory Equipment

Process XE-equipment management Key Highlights

  • Prepare master list of all equipment’s
  • Identify the maintenance and calibration needs of each equipment’s
  • Create work instruction for each type of maintenance or calibration activity
  • Collect and record data directly in Process XE
  • Track equipment downtime
  • Records both routine (Preventive) and non-routine maintenance (Repair) performed
  • Record when calibration is performed
  • Identify and record spare parts which need to replace or replaced
  • Multiple reports like maintenance and calibration performed, due date for next maintenance and calibration and spare parts for inventory level
  • Attach digital photos, scanned images to correctly identify equipment and augment maintenance and calibration instructions
  • Quick search equipment with tasks overdue or soon to become due

ProcessXE-equipment management benefits

  • Streamline the calibration and maintenance practice
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Improved compliance with all the quality and regulatory requirements
  • Complete view of equipment’s status, spare parts inventory, maintenance cost and performance metrics
  • Easy and quick audit during internal and external audit