Information integration

“Data is the new oil”. With advance technology every area of business is equipped with state-of-art systems. With so much data that has been recorded and maintained, manufacturing companies are utilizing the data to better their way of life by interfacing different applications like ERP, MES, LIMS and equipments.


Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Healthcare, FMCG and Biotech industries need to operate under the scanner of various quality and regulatory authorities so the whole industry is very keen to create paper less environment to effectively gel with cGMP guidelines.

This triggers the need to have an integrated system architecture where information can flow back and forth between production systems, planning applications, training application and quality systems.

Process XE- electronic batch recording software simplify execution of various processes by recording data electronically, exchange batch information, batch production management, maintain data security and integrity.

The biggest USP of our solution is its interoperability with any legacy ERP, training management system (TMS), quality management, LIMS and many more.

Its ability to integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party software makes it the most viable solution for all the organizations dealing in regulatory products and provides various benefits.

Benefits of seamless integration of Process XE with:

  • Legacy ERP systems will be provided with real time inventory status of shop-floor to maintain smooth and effective inventory flow through better planning, scheduling and purchasing
  • Quality management system (QMS) allows to track real time deviation and perform on time investigation and CAPA that will enhance the quality of the products and reduce production cycle time
  • Training management system (TMS) empowers to identify the real time training need of any operator due to role change or fresh joinees to ensure the knowledge balance between all the operators
  • Document management system ensures to have the most current SOP in practice