Real time metrics

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Electronic batch recording

Pharmaceutical, biopharma and life science industry need to operate against these complex challenges like increased competition, cost pressures, regulatory compliance, and patient safety standards, as well as reduced time-to-market. In order to ensure better and faster production, these industries must deploy solutions that help them respond to market changes both quickly and appropriately.

One of the critical tool to achieve this is electronic batch recording  software (EBR) to streamline, automate and simplify the whole manufacturing practice. Manufactures today started to dive deeper to understand the pain points and looking for a dynamic solution which can provide them as you wish reports.

It’s the starting point for a day of a supervisor provide you a single window of information of the shop floor with real time analytical information of various activities of the shop floor like:

  • Available v/s required resource
  • Shortage of components and its impact on jobs
  • Availability of operator’s department wise and effective allocation of operators as per the requirement
  • Displays the status of current jobs running, the machines on which they are running, operator’s name, and projected completion time
  • Monitor production, materials consumption, quality, energy utilization or other metrics via intuitive, intelligent dashboards

Process XE- Electronic batch recording software comes with intelligent dashboard will help you to optimum use of available resource, staff and equipment and maximize return on investment in plant floor.


Process XE- Electronic batch recording software with intelligent dashboard enables true operations collaboration by offering actionable information, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and tailored to the different operational roles in your plant. It allows both expert and casual users to benefit from the specific process know-how that already exists in your operations.