Weighing and Dispensing System (WDS)

To maximize the efficiency of dispensing operations and enhance overall manufacturing operations in turn would drive greater business performance.

The weighing area is the point of entry in manufacturing, also, transitory when the materials are brought from the warehouse and goes to the production areas.

Ensuring carefulness in overall process…

Weighing and Dispensing System (WDS)

Process XE Weighing and Dispensing System (WDS) allows implementation of usage of raw materials and excipients exactly as per BOM (Bill of Material) maintained in the Enterprise System ( i.e., SAP, JD Edwards, etc.)

From complexity of the operation in generics, pharmaceuticals manufacturer where multiple manufacturing lines are active at any given point of time and compliance requirements to use accurate input material, accurate quantity and method of dispatching those materials in production area.

Process XE Weighing and Dispensing System (WDS) accurately guides the operators through the weighing operation and provides necessary controls to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and recipes guidelines. Each action by operator is completely documented and audit trailed for complete compliance.

Process XE WDS extends the functionality beyond “first time material receipt” in dispensing area. It can be tightly integrated with multi-stage manufacturing process recipe defined in EBMR solution, to enable accurate management and identification of material transfer between process cells and manufacturing areas during intra-unit procedure execution.

The weighing and dispense optimization is architected such that it seamlessly integrates with solutions for Electronic Batch Records, Warehouse and Material management.

The system capabilities include:

  • Verification of Material received from warehouse against recipe and/or process order
  • Integration with weighing scale and system key board controlled data transfer from weighing scale to ensure operator mobility
  • Barcode generation and scanning at various stages for fault-less material identification
  • Barcode based Container assignment
  • Weighing scale Logbook
  • Embedded cleaning logbook and process control
Weighing and Dispensing Solution flow