Top 5 values you can add with electronic batch recording software

Pharmaceutical industry is passing through the major transition phase of automation. Stringent regulatory guidelines, globalization, cut-throat competition and changing supply chain structure have made this industry bound to redesign its working pattern and bring automation majorly. Electronic batch recording software playing an important role in this area. Traditional hybrid or paper based system is full of error and delayprone, time and effort consuming and not compliance friendly.

Web based dynamic electronic batch recording software is the perfect remedy for all these above mentioned pain areas and add lot of value to your manufacturing practices.

Let’s understand the possible value addition comes with electronic batch recording software in brief:-

Enhance transparency control

Electronic batch recording software provide you a centralized platform where you can easily prepare the formats for various pharmaceutical manufacturing documents like MPCR/BPCR and keep it in a secure way with role based access authority and with electronic signature. This eliminates manipulation, errors, time consuming in re-versioning and enhance transparency and control.

Effective document management

Any Pharma company needs to manage 1200-1300 active SOP’s, re-versioning and archiving which is very complex task. Electronic batch recording software will provide you the platform where you can easily create your SOP’s with the help of readymade customized templates and keep it securely. It will empower you to effectively manage all your required SOP’s, re-versioning, archiving and always provide you the latest one by keeping it on top.

Reduce the cycle time

The average pharmaceutical manufacturing time falls somewhere between 30-90 days range, batch release alone accounted for 60 days and a non-compliance can add more days in it. An effective electronic batch recording software enforce the consistent execution of manufacturing steps while providing an accurate, real-time view of process and deviation data. The time needed for detecting, tracing, resolving, correcting and documenting deviations in the manufacturing process associated in paper based processes has been virtually eliminated.

Information integration

Smart electronic batch manufacturing recording software also comes with the ability to plug with any 3rd party software’s like ERP, QMS, TMS and LIMS so that management can get real time shop floor view like running batch, ready batch, holded batch, inventory required, training required etc.

Real time metrics

Modern electronic batch recording software also comes with intelligent dashboard with the ability to create as-you-wish report which will provide you in-depth shop floor insights like available v/s required resource , shortage of components and its impact on jobs, availability of operator’s department wise and effective allocation of operators as per the requirement for ongoing process improvement.

Process XE –electronic batch recording software (EBR) eliminates costly paperwork errors, speeds up information distribution and collaboration, and enables strategies for improving quality and efficiency.