Why manufacturing process digitization is essential?

Today, user/operator want a quick and easy digital experience. Many manufacturing business practices are seeking business standardized solution, which is having user-friendly interface, easy to access, and configurable & customized service.

Many are looking for solution to include instant satisfaction and solutions, flawless manufacturing process, and global consistency, improve manufacturing production planning, scheduling and forecasting calculation model, user-friendly experience (easy to adopt). In addition, preparations to face audit is quite burdensome with manual and paper-based system.

As a result of those reasons, manufacturing process digitization or smart manufacturing is so essential in todays’ world. There are significant benefits to digitizing manufacturing processes by cutting costs up to 90 percent and improving accessibility and facilitate better information exchange from top to bottom.

To implement & experience these benefits of manufacturing process digitization, manufacturer can put in practice digitized software in place of current manual manufacturing process and paperwork.

Essentially, on the path of digital transformation, various features like customized dashboards and real-time reports, equipment effectiveness/efficiencies, alarm and event data/chart, critical process data can help & notify business managers to avoid any circumstances before they create serious impact on manufacturing process & on product.

Significant features to convert manual manufacturing process into smart manufacturing:

  • Creation of master product batch template & standard operating procedure (SOP)/checklist set online with versioning – Approved document templates and preconfigured routes ensure documents are created, reviewed and approved in right manner by the first time. Thus, simplifies approval processes, reduce approval cycle and proper retention of records
  • Interface with ERP, Equipment, data lake – Thus, provides a single integrated system to mitigate duplicate work/record
  • Provides complete history of manufactured lots, batches – Spanning production in multiple plant, materials consumed/dispensed, processes and equipment utilized (OEE), date & time of processes, eSignatures, secure and easy to available batch record or lot history record (eBMReWDMeLogbooks)
  • Dashboard – To indicates current status of material requisition note (MRN), Batch record, Equipment (calibration, maintenance). A user can view the metrics to see how often a product batch/SOP document & batch was sent back for revisions
  • Analytics – To review equipment calibration status, equipment utilization, critical process verification in eBMR, batch deviation logs etc.

Significant intelligent features to guide user 

  • Indicate warning symbol of hazardous material
  • To stop exceeding dispensing from required quantity
  • To stop user to put value beyond expected range
  • Versioning controlled
  • Controlling equipment for use if it falls into due (calibration, various maintenance)
  • Inbuild process blogs to firm/create process recipe in template form

manufacturing process digitization

What’s the next step to embrace smart manufacturing?

Essentially, digitization in manufacturing open up lines of communication to create a seamless user experience. As a result of adopting Sarjen system’s solution, the ability of manufacturing process will increase dramatically, and this will enhance grace and dynamism of your manufacturing. Recommend to initiate thinking right away about your organization can take advantage of Sarjen system’s smart manufacturing solution which enveloped with digitization and automation. Implement your own digitized smart manufacturing.