At a glance

Seamless interoperability

Ensures seamless information exchange with all legacy ERP, training system, LIMS etc.

Recipe library

Master recipe generation allows users to configure standard recipe objects quickly and validate to provide rapid development of future recipes.

Innovate the practice of batch control

The software offers round the clock record keeping, tracking with a better control of overall operation.

Data control for quality decisions quickly

Our EBR software records, aggregates and visualize each and every data related to critical parameters and quality standards.

Real time monitoring for better compliance

Present summary information about batches, pre-defined templates, SOP for operators to a better process knowledge to achieve quality and compliance in most effective manner.

Ensures compliance to cGMP requirements

This software was designed to reinforce good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and Part 11 requirements.

Process XE
Process XE

Manufacturing business process automation solutions

Innovate the practice of batch control 

Software ensures seamless 24/7 record-keeping and precise tracking, providing enhanced operational control and efficiency. 

Real time monitoring for better compliance
Data control for quality decisions quickly
Ensures compliance to cGMP requirements
Seamless interoperability
Recipe library

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Manufacturing process automation

Process XE® offers a wide range of digital and automation solutions that cater to the different business needs: –

Process XE® Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can improve the efficiency and quality of manufacturing processes while reducing the risk of errors and contamination. By using electronic solutions of Process XE® , operators stay worry free with a simplified solution developed with a language and flow that is easily understood by them.

Our solutions can be deployed on premise or on cloud for pharmaceutical, life sciences, healthcare, and chemical industries, helping the organizations to produce products more efficiently, safely and reliably.

ROI factors

Save time with right first time data capture
Reduce operating cost along with increased compliance
Enhance accuracy, productivity and consistency
Minimize reworks and investigations
Reduce warehouse inventories
Speed up product release
Reduce manufacturing, investigation, training and recipe time
Access trending, productivity and other metrics instantly
Improves decision making
Increase operational efficiency

The right MES solution

Security and redundancy

Role & scope-based logins to ensure security. Centralized electronic data management to avoid redundancy

Data capture & collection

Automated data capturing from machines and other devices like barcode scanners.


Ensures seamless information exchange with all legacy ERP, training system, LIMS etc.

Performance monitoring

With intuitive charts and reports, monitor real time 4M management: Man, Machine, Material, Methods


System can be implemented at any stage of digital transformationls.

KPI monitoring

Aggregates data related to critical parameters and quality standards and converts these into useful reports

About us

Sarjen Systems is a software development company specialized in developing advanced solutions for Pharma, Life Science, Chemical, FMCG, and other industries since 1998. We are the right mix of industry knowledge and technical expertise providing solutions for every phase starting from drug manufacturing to drug marketing and sales.  

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Your trusted partners for digital transformation & automation

Sarjen Systems is a technology company headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. The company was founded in 1998 and since then, has grown into a leading and trusted digital transformation and automation partner for clients worldwide.

Other GxP Compliant Solutions offered by Sarjen Systems

Sales and Distribution

Purchase and Inventory Management
Forecasting and Demand Planning

Warehouse Management
Distributor Management System
Order Processing Automation
Gross to Net

Sales Force Automation & Excellence

Field Sales Information
eDetailing System

Customer Order Management
Field Service Procurement
Field Training and Recruitment
Field Personal Assistant

Digitization of Clinical Research

Smart Trial Suite – Early Phase
Smart Trial Suite – Late Phase
Smart Trial Suite – Oncology Trials
Randomization and Investigational Product Supply Management Bioanalytical Laboratory Automation Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

Dossier and Document Management

eCTD publishing and submission lifecycle

CTD/Paper Submission Software
Regulatory Information Management
Query Management
eCTD viewer

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Human Pharmacovigilance Safety Database Veterinary Vigilance
Product Inquiry Trail and Response
EV Triage and Inbox
PV Literature Intake
PV Quality Management
PV Document Management
PV Gateway Connect
PV Academic Training

Quality Process Control

Document Control and SOP Management
Document Issuance
Training and eLearning
Audit Management
Vendor Qualification
APQR/PQR (Product Quality Review)

Other Solutions

Doqstack – Digital Transformation of CSV process Process Digitization; Process Automation: Platforms
Automation Tools
StackTrack; Intelligent File Tracker
HForce; Self Service Employee Portal


Enterprise Mobility
Analytics and AI
IOT and Device Interface
Cloud Integrations
Customized Business Applications
Hyper Automation
Device Data Decoder