At a glance

Data control for quality decisions quickly

Our EBR software records, aggregates and visualize each and every data related to critical parameters and quality standards.

Real time monitoring for better compliance

Present summary information about batches, pre-defined templates, SOP for operators to a better process knowledge to achieve quality and compliance in most effective manner.

Innovate the practice of batch control

The software offers round the clock record keeping, tracking with a better control of overall operation.

Ensures compliance to cGMP requirements

This software was designed to reinforce good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and Part 11 requirements.

Seamless interoperability

Ensures seamless information exchange with all legacy ERP, training system, LIMS etc.

Recipe library

Master recipe generation allows users to configure standard recipe objects quickly and validate to provide rapid development of future recipes.

Process XE (Process Automation; Smart Manufacturing or any other process)

Process XE is a web based, configurable, intuitive software solution for Process automation.

Ready. Easy. Configurable. Secure. Compliant.  

The Digital, Smart Manufacturing is one such process specially developed for Pharmaceutical, Life science and Healthcare industries to streamline, automate and simplify their manufacturing execution of various processes such as capture data, exchange batch information, batch production management, maintain data security and integrity and report production, ensures compliance to cGMP requirements and Part 11 requirements.

Top features

  • Completely configurable for different types of manufacturing processes
  • Qualification checks on all equipment and materials used
  • Videos, pictures and SOPs for operators instruction
  • Realtime tolerance checking
  • Automated calculations
  • Step control with step-based work instructions
  • Compliance flags indicating non-conforming data values
  • Audit trails with operator identification and date/time stamp
  • Trending reports and batch certificates
  • Smooth integration with ERP, eQMS, eDMS and eLIMS, etc.
  • Compatibility with devices and OS allows easy use on the shop floor

ROI factors

  • Save time with right first time data capture
  • Reduce compliance and operating cost
  • Enhance accuracy, productivity and consistency
  • Minimize reworks and investigations
  • Reduce warehouse inventories
  • Speed up product release
  • Reduce manufacturing, investigation, training and recipe time
  • Access trending, productivity and other metrics instantly
  • Improves decision making

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Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd. combines a passion for client satisfaction, technological innovation, deep expertise of industry, business processes and agile workforce that embodies the future of work. Sarjen Systems imparting dynamic solutions for FDA regulated products, fully complied by cGMP and Part 11 requirements like electronic batch recording (EBR), Pharmacovigilance (PvEdge), dossier submission (KnowledgeNET, eSubmissionExpress), quality management system (QMS) and many more . Our software and cGMP expertise is available to help you with custom applications and integration with other software. Our mission is to make cGMP manufacturing easy.


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