Weighing and Dispensing Management System (WDMS)

To maximize the efficiency of dispensing operations and enhance overall manufacturing operations in turn would drive greater business performance.

Weighing and Dispensing System (WDS)

Manual weighing & dispensing is the challenge

As quality expectations grow, it has long been recognized that manually weighing and dispensing raw materials is a burden on production person in the manufacturing industries. To complete the production in timeline with shorter production runs and more frequent changeovers, and the weigh and dispense unit is the heart of this manufacturing process, it’s necessary that the right material & quantity is dispensed for each batch. There is no room for errors in raw material issuance such as incorrect material identification, incorrect hand marked drum weights, wrong material dispensed, expired material dispensed, access/short quantity dispensed, etc.

Customers are demanding lower cost, yet customized products which in turn is driving manufacturers to make digital transformation a reality. Fortunately, technology exists today that allows lower cost, higher quality, faster processing, and shorter time to market for personalized products.

Digital transformation in dispensing

The ProcessXE WDMS is an easy and cost-effective way to introduce electronic execution and documentation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It complies with all regulatory requirements and in a reliable and comprehensible way documents the specific input materials, the material quantities and ensure the right people are doing the right activity with the right materials on the right batch.

ProcessXE WDMS allows accurate and flowless dispensing of raw materials and excipients as per bill of material (BOM) maintained in the enterprise system. From complexity of the operation in generics, pharmaceuticals manufacturer where multiple manufacturing lines are active at any given point of time and compliance requirements to use accurate input material, accurate quantity and method of dispatching those materials in production area.

ProcessXE WDMS accurately guides the operators through the weighing operation and provides necessary controls to comply with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and regulatory guidelines. Each action by operator is completely documented with audit trail for complete compliance. It can be tightly integrated with multi-stage manufacturing process recipe defined in eBMR solution, to enable accurate management and identification of material transfer between warehouse, dispensing booth and manufacturing areas.

The weighing & dispensing optimization is designed such that it seamlessly integrates with other systems such as, electronic batch records, warehouse, material management and hardware like weigh balance, printers & scanners etc.

Key features of ProcessXE WDMS

  • Improve material traceability from warehouse through dispensing booth to production
  • Reduce material mismatch & human error
  • Eliminate paper-based weighing logbook
  • Up to 90% verification of raw materials
  • Seamless integration with weighing scale & with electronic batch record system
  • Electronically record generation with complete details
  • Barcode based container assignment
  • Fewer problem identification time (in batch recall)
  • Improve operation efficiency with barcode generation & barcode scanner for fault-less material identification
  • Risk and safety warning notification
  • Integrate information between production floor and enterprise systems (ERP) with standard transactions
  • Aligned with compliance guidelines
Weighing and Dispensing Solution flow

Sarjen system WDMS is well suited for every manufacturing industries. With WDMS user can have an automated, operationally qualified material weighing and dispensing system — complete with a direct interface featuring scales and bar-coded labels, and with correct dispensing result report. If you would like to discuss how your business can get more benefit through Sarjen system WDMS, contact us.