Device Data Decoder

DCube (D3) – Device Data Decoder, efficiently store production and process operational information in a time series from any location for user to analyze.

Device Data Decoder

As connections to machines and devices have become simpler and achievable, Industry 4.0 becomes more reality than ever and compliance needs for data tractability increases; acquisition, storage, management, retrieval and analyses of device data becomes requirement in modern day manufacturing.

Our DCube software that records, archives, retrieves and analyzes operational process data/information in time series through trend or report.

DCube software provides enhanced data capture, validation, compression, and aggregation capabilities.

DCube is used in almost every industry and it contributes to functions such as supervisory control, performance monitoring, quality assurance, data presentation, data analyses, etc.

In an increasingly competitive environment, storing data and its analyses is very important for process visibility. The vast amount of data needs a big storage space to store, that is offered by an DCube.

Optimized data enables better and increased productivity, faster decision-making and reduced costs.

Benefits of Device Data Decoder

Collect/capture data from across the organization

Scale millions of machine data tags

Log critical alarms and event data

Multi-threaded CPU for high performance

Provide visibility of device based KPI including OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Provide data security, full redundancy & disaster recovery

Provide connectivity with DB server and/or Cloud server

Store, archive, retrieve large volumes of data

Display data in trend or tabular and graphical form to analyze it

Implement controls and overall operational and performance monitoring

With all round quality management to cover process robustness