Electronic Batch Records (EBR or EBMR)

One of the biggest barrier to achieve lean manufacturing in the manufacturing industry is the excessive use of paper-based processes. However, industries today are aggressively adopting to modern IT solutions to streamline, automate and simplify their processes to enhance productivity, efficiency and quality.

What is Electronic Batch Records ?

Electronic Batch Records (EBR)

Electronic Batch Records (EBR) refer to digital versions of batch records used in the manufacturing and production processes of various industries, particularly in sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, and chemicals. Batch records are comprehensive documents that provide a detailed history of the production and manufacturing of a specific batch of a product. They include information about the materials used, equipment used, procedures followed, and quality control measures taken during the production process. When these records are digitized, they become Electronic Batch Records. The transition from paper-based batch records to electronic systems brings several advantages, such as increased efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with regulatory requirements.  

Electronic Batch Record Software

Electronic batch records and EBMR software developed by Sarjen Systems automate the execution and review of batch records that bring significant compliance and cost saving benefits to businesses.  

Our electronic batch manufacturing records (EBMR Software) system controls and processes real time manufacturing data. To get away from the hassles of handwriting readability, data gathering & such paper-based issues, the system is simplified with an operator friendly usage of words, screens and workflows. 

We offer three stages of transformation in Batch Records

Manual Process Digitization

Digitization Enhancements & Advance Features

Process Automation

As an organization, you can be at any stage and choose to get on the digital transformation journey with us.

Our solution has proven benefits of using our electronic batch record solutions
Completely Paperless
Smooth End-to-End Process
Easy Documentation
Reduced Review Cycle Time in Turn Decreased Cost of Manufacturing
Process and Checklist Templates and Management
Ready for Audits and Investigations

The right EBMR software

Critical Process Verification

Rigorous verification processes ensure the precision and reliability of critical operations, mitigating the risk of errors and ensuring compliance.

Batch Record Routing & Approval

Streamlined batch record routing and approval mechanisms facilitate efficient tracking and authorization, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Integration with Enterprise Solutions

Seamless integration with enterprise solutions enhances connectivity and data consistency across various departments, fostering a unified and efficient operational ecosystem.

Master Data Management

Effective master data management ensures accuracy and consistency in data, laying the foundation for reliable decision-making and improved overall system performance.

Production Checklist

Comprehensive production checklists guide operators through each step of the production process, ensuring completeness, accuracy, and adherence to predefined standards.

Product Batch Execution

Precise and controlled product batch execution ensures the production of high-quality goods while maintaining consistency and adherence to standards.

Enhanced Productivity

The implementation of efficient EBMR software results in heightened productivity, allowing teams to focus on value-added tasks and reducing unnecessary manual interventions.

Rich and Insightful Analytics

Robust analytics capabilities provide valuable insights, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and drive continuous improvement.

Custom Report Builder

A flexible and intuitive custom report builder empowers users to tailor reports to their specific needs, facilitating meaningful data analysis and reporting.

Enforceable Workflow-Closed Loop System

An enforceable closed-loop workflow system ensures accountability and compliance throughout processes, minimizing the likelihood of deviations.
Key features of EBR software
Master product template lifecycle management – create, review, approve, version control and distribute
Process & product tracking
Seamless integration with enterprise system, LMS, TMS, QMS, DMS, level 2, etc.
Real time data capturing while integrated with level 2
Production checklist lifecycle management- create, review, approve, version control and distribute
Custom reports and trending analyses
Electronic signatures for authentication of activity
Audit trails for data integrity
Comprehensive audit trails and deviation reports
Benefits of Our EBMR software

Ensures adherence to production specification

Enable almost paperless production

Anytime audit ready

Reduced operating cost by 30%

Ensures compliance in alignment with 21 CFR part 11 & annexure 11

Boosts asset & equipment utilization by minimising down time & predicting maintenance

Improves visibility to manufacturing processes