Automating Historian Data analytics

What is Data Historian?

A Historian is a platform where designed Database is being used to collect and store process-oriented data from automation system. Those data can be used to analytics in various form like charts, Reports, Display trends.

Each measured item and tag are well connected with data point to ensure and controlled data movement and log the data records for these points with a timestamp, a value, and a data quality indicator.

How Data Historian works?

Data Historian is having capability to learn from real-time information and provides meaningful results. Data historian can be also benefit other connected applications including those involving quality analysis/SPC. Historians are capable to capture vast amount of data at high speed from different sources

Key features

  • Data comparison, analysis and storing
  • Generate the machine and process performance reports (Shift, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Batch wise)
  • Event and alarm management
  • Customized mapping of processes, events and alarms data
  • Operator interface for monitoring and mapping processes, events and alarms data.
  • System Data backup and restore
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data representation (OEE, Downtime, capacity utilization, %rejection, %yield, Changeover time etc…)
  • System should able to exchange information via different type of standard interfaces

Business Benefits

  • Centralized server for plant wide data monitoring & collection from identified production area equipment. The same data will be available in OPC format for higher level applications
  • Single data repository for entire plant data with capability to store large amount of data for a long period, with powerful retrieval and analysis
  • Batch reports for identified equipment’s from DAS and report access from plant floor through SCADA clients
  • GUI for monitoring Real Time parameters in Tabular form.
  • Uniform Ethernet platform for all equipment interface
  • Open and independent solution capable to integrate with MES Solution with standard protocols

Big Data – Collection & Storage

Nevertheless, Historian follow the data integrity standard while accumulation of information. It ensures that operation and monitoring team fully aware of operational performance by highlighting your process, alarm, and event data.

Those data can be used to evaluate and address any surprise unexpected circumstance. Historian provides the secure, high-performance database that consolidates disparate data sources.