How does the Electronic Batch Recording Software improve Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes?

In a paper-based environment, creating and maintaining master batch records (MBRs) involves huge effort. During production, manual entry is subject to human error, information can be duplicated because of multiple systems, and it takes a lot of time to gather and input all relevant data. The review and reconciliation of this information is also time-consuming.Standardization in the definition of the different manufacturing processes is even more difficult because information is not always centralized. Analysis of the key performance indicators of executed batch records is possible only after the labor-intensive re-entry of data from disparate systems.Electronic batch recording software is a web based solution which automate the process of preparing, releasing and controlling various pharmaceutical manufacturing documents (PMD).

Electronic batch recording software (EBRS) provide you the ability to create standardized processes or sub processes and facilitate their maintenance and validation. These systems provide a readymade templates with automatic versioning for data collection during production. Then the required production parameters are distributed to the relevant systems for execution.

This approach provides error reduction and prevention as well as data centralization for further analysis. Step by step, the solution follows the lifecycle of the batch record, taking advantage of the wide range of out-of-the-box MES functionalities, such as order management, tracking and tracing of materials, and equipment management. Dynamic electronic batch recording software further allow you to record the batch recipes. The recipe information is available with ease and designing MBR’s is greatly simplified.

The biggest USP of our solution is its interoperability with any legacy ERP, training management system (TMS), quality management, LIMS and many more. Its ability to integrate with other systems like legacy ERP systems, quality management system, training management system and document management system allow you to get real time production floor informations like inventory status, deviation, most current SOP’s and many more. With electronic batch recording software organizations can now reduce project complexity, lowering infrastructure maintenance costs, reaching time to benefits much faster, and lowering deployment risks significantly.